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Hi! I'm Rae. I'm a giant nerd about: 

  • Content Strategy

  • Science & Technology

  • Narrative & Storytelling

  • Comedy

  • Literally everything. I love learning.

My Vlog

Who I've worked with:

My many hats:

UX Writing / Content Design

I'm a nerd for good microcopy. 

I've also worked on chatbots!

Immersive Experiences

I'm a nerd for interactivity. 

I've worked on immersive theatre projects, escape rooms, and designed a few games.


Science outreach

I'm a nerd for science.

I love producing irreverent edutainment events for tipsy millennials.

I also write articles!

I guest lecture at Georgetown University teaching students how to talk about science, too.


Comedy and performance.

I'm a nerd for being entertaining. 

I was actually a child actor!

Nowadays I write and perform comedy. 

I also love to emcee.

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